Invisible orthodontic

The invisible orthodontic treatment consists in the manufacture of a series of removable and practically invisible aligners that are replaced by a new set every 15, 10 or 7 days depending on the patient and as advised by the professional.


Each of the aligners are manufactured specifically for your teeth in a personalised way, and with the digital techniques we use, you will get a better fit and greater comfort of the system than with mold techniques. The teeth will move little by little, week after week, until they are aligned and in the final position prescribed by the dentist.

Estética dental Ortodoncia invisible

In addition, with a prior 3D virtual treatment plan, we will show you the movements that your teeth will follow during the invisible orthodontic treatment. This will let you know from the beginning how your teeth will look at the end of treatment. From the results of the program, transparent and custom-made aligners will be manufactured, specifically for you.


If you are ready for a smile that will change your appearance, invisible orthodontics is the answer you have been waiting for. Although there are many options on the market, there is no other treatment as comfortable as invisible orthodontics. In Duran & Burgos, we also achieve faster treatments thanks to the fact that the techniques for obtaining records are digital and we obtain virtual 3D models faster than those from non-digitalised clinics.


The best way to transform your smile without altering your daily routine!

* From € 1,495 or € 71,63 / month

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