The loss of one or several teeth is a serious aesthetic problem that affects the appearance of our smile and self-esteem.


At Durán & Burgos, we can repair your teeth with the best dental prosthesis, removable or with implants.

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Types of dental prostheses



Fixed Prosthesis


The fixed prosthesis is one that is performed to rehabilitate damaged or lost teeth, using natural teeth as pillars. They are fixed because they are cemented. Therefore, they can not be withdrawn by the patient. They can be for one tooth (crown) or for several (bridge).

Removable prosthesis

A removable dental prosthesis is a metal structure with several artificial teeth fixed on its sides. To offer a better fixation, the removable dental prostheses is anchored to the teeth that the patient still conserves in their mouth by means of metallic fastenings.

The removable resin prostheses group those that are made with the acrylic resin (or other plastics), and can be placed and removed by the patient. This is commonly known by patients as dentures.

Mucosoported Prosthesis

The complete mucosal-supported prosthesis is a prosthesis that we design for the totally toothless patients, in which all the dental pieces are included. It is the typical prosthesis that has existed for many years and it is the most economical option available.

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