Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a chemical treatment of the enamel. It is actually a clearing of the tooth through the application of hydrogen peroxide, carbamide or a combination of them, depending on the type of enamel and the solution that the patient is looking for.


These peroxides are activated in the clinic with different types of lights (laser, plasma or cold light) not to achieve more whitening, but to give faster results.


The whitening used by the Durán & Burgos team is associated with calcium ions to avoid postoperative sensitivity. These treatments however are not always effective and for this reason, it is important to study and diagnose the case by a professional to determine the best solution in each individual case.

Estética dental Blanqueamiento dental

What do we get with whitening?


The treatment achieves the clearance of teeth darkened by age or pigments of external origin by food, drinks or habits (coffee, tobacco, tea). It is fact that we each have our own whiteness point, so we can not clarify them anymore below this point.


How long does the treatment last?


Teeth whitening lasts for around 1 year, but it also depends on the type of enamel, habits, nutrition and the oral hygiene maintenance of the individual patient.
We always advise to enhance the effects achieved in our clinic at home through peroxides at low concentrations, but they only work very well once a treatment has been performed by a professional. The duration of whitening at home can last from one week to up to 6 months.

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