Pediatric dentistry

Children need special attention.


Within our pediatric dentistry team, we have specialists in their treatment, such as fissure sealing, prevention of malocclusion and control of bone growth.



Dentistry for babies

Based on prevention from the first year of life, bwe believe in the principle that prevention is better than treatment. Our purpose is always to have generations of adults with 0 cavities.


Our daily practice is based on:

  • Individual advice on the risk of cavities for your child.
  • We carry out an individualised plan on cavity prevention.
  • We perform preventive treatments for babies and children.
  • Control of the eruption of milk teeth and permanent teeth.
  • Treatments that are always based on scientific evidence.
  • Guidance on the functional and aesthetic development of the masticatory system.


We are always on the parents side at all times and we help in any process or treatment offering appropriate and detailed explanations.