Dental implants

Dental implants are the best option for the replacement of single or multiple teeth. They are currently considered the least invasive option as we do not depend on any tooth or any other structure.


In Durán & Burgos, we have state-of-the-art technology to guarantee your peace of mind. In addition, you will find a dental TAC in the same clinic so that the study and diagnosis of each patient can be done correctly and effectively.


Implant surgery


At Durán & Burgos, we have a minimally invasive dentistry project. The 100% digitally guided dental surgery is the previous study using the Implant Studio 3Shape software.


We have the best team to carry out a personalised study of each and every case that requires an operative intervention.


Implante dental
Implantes y prótesis antes 2 Implantes y prótesis después 2

Is surgery safe?

It is a treatment with a great prognosis and a very high success rate (98%). In Durán & Burgos (a digitalised clinic), we can make template-guided surgery, which allows us to perform minimally invasive interventions, without stitches, with a high level of safety. This therefore works with more favorable or comfortable post-operatives.

Implantes y prótesis antes 3 Implantes y prótesis después 3

Is it possible to have teeth and implants on the same day?

Yes, as we have the 3 Shape Intraoral Scanner. With this system, we can have the teeth ready to be placed immediately after surgery. In addition, we can make a digital mechanised prostheses which is better adapted and adjusted to the implants. This gives more predictable aesthetic results.

Implantes y prótesis después 4

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