At Durán & Burgos, we are specialists in the most advanced dental treatments on the market. Dental aesthetic treatments are the most demanded treatment for our patients. Thanks to the original smile study, we can offer the best dental solution suited to the features and characteristics of each patient.


In Durán & Burgos, we offer you all the treatments in one place. We have the best equipped clinics in the region. For this reason, you will not have to travel to perform diagnostic tests.



Veneers are a thin covering placed on the frontal part of each tooth. We use them in order to change and improve different aspects of our teeth such as the colour, shape or position.

There are different types of veneers which can be evaluated by our specialists.


Invisible orthodontic


The invisible orthodontic treatment consists in the manufacture of a series of removable and practically invisible aligners that are replaced by a new set every 15, 10 or 7 days depending on the patient and as advised by the professional.

Estética dental Ortodoncia invisible

Dental implants


Dental implants are the most effective solution to tooth loss. It is the best option to replace a damaged or lost tooth.

Implante dental

Teeth whitening


Teeth whitening is a chemical treatment of the enamel. It is actually a clearing of the tooth through the application of hydrogen peroxide, carbamide or a combination of them, depending on the type of enamel and the solution that the patient is looking for.

Estética dental Blanqueamiento dental



Periodontics is the treatment that diagnoses and prevents periodontal diseases. This includes diseases caused by bacteria accumulated in teeth and the gum (tartar). This can end up causing bad breath and even a loss of teeth.


Orthodontic treatment


Orthodontic treatment is the dental specialty that takes care of the alignment of bones and teeth. An aligned denture is fundamental, not only because of the image we transmit and to take care of our appearance, but because it can affect our dental health.




The loss of one or several teeth is a serious aesthetic problem that affects the appearance of our smile and self-esteem.


At Durán & Burgos, we repair your teeth with the best dental prosthesis; either removable or with implants.


Dental operation


We have the best team to carry out a personalised study of each case that requires an operative intervention.

Cirugía dental

Pediatric dentistry


Children and babies need special attention.

Within our pediatric dentistry team, we have specialists for this type of treatment, such as fissure sealing, prevention of malocclusion and control of bone growth.


Sleep apnea and snoring


Does your snoring bother those around you?

Snoring is the consequence of the vibration of the nasal and oral structures. It is a resistance in the upper airway.

apnea del sueño y ronquido

Other treatments


Anesthesia and sedation, Radiology, Snap on smile, Articular treatments (ATM) and Prevention.

Otros tratamientos
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